23 February 2013

Success! Lenana Peak, Mt. Kenya

Lenana Peak, Mt. Kenya
© Ryan Goebel, 2013

On Thursday, 21 February 2013, at around 7am (Kenya time), I successfully made it to the top of Lenana Peak on Mount Kenya.

This peak is the so-called “trekker’s summit” of the mountain.  No technical climbing experience or equipment is required to make it to the top.  The only special skill required is the ability to walk.

Lenana is only the third highest peak on the mountain. Batian Peak at 5199 m / 17,057 ft and Nelion Peak at 5188 m / 17,021 ft are taller.

Although Lenana is listed as being at an elevation of 4985m / 16,355ft above sea level, my friend Dave’s GPS showed an 5005m / 16,421ft when we were there.  This is an elevation that I’ve passed several times on previous treks.

Our primary reason for signing up for the Mt. Kenya trek was for acclimatization and a warm-up hike prior to climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

However, Lenana Peak is no walk in the park.   It was much more difficult than I expected.  I was humbled by everything from altitude sickness to camera malfunctions to a snow storm.  But by the end, it was a very beautiful and rewarding trek.

I will eventually be writing more blog posts with some details of the trek (including some of my worst moments of high altitude sickness ever) and uploading more photos from the trek, but first I have another mountain to climb.

Kilimanjaro, here I come!

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